Hearing Consultation

If you have concerns regarding hearing loss, you should get your hearing assessed by a qualified hearing aid audiologist. Hearing tests can be booked online or by calling McCreesh Hearing on 0781 069 7470.

The first step to improving your hearing begins with the initial hearing consultation. A full diagnostic hearing test is carried out to find out if you have a hearing impairment, and if so, the degree and type. This test is non-invasive, painless and will take less than one hour to complete.

We will take time to discuss your test results in detail with you, providing a clinical diagnosis of your hearing loss. We will also answer any questions or concerns that you might have before making any recommendations if a hearing aid is required.

If we feel that you would benefit from a hearing aid, we will fully explain the process and the most appropriate options for you from the range of hearing solutions available at our hearing centre, bearing in mind your budget. We will match the most appropriate level of technology, with the most appropriate manufacturer and the most cosmetically appealing style, to suit your individual requirements and hearing needs.

Once a hearing aid has been selected and custom made to suit your ear, we will then fit and fine-tune the device to match your hearing prescription. Fine-tuning will enable you to get the most from your hearing aid, and allow you to use it to its greatest efficiency, so you can hear with confidence in all situations.

Before you leave our hearing centre with your new hearing aid, we will explain its functions and how to operate it. We will also ensure that it fits correctly and comfortably in or behind your ear depending on your chosen model.

At McCreesh Hearing, all our hearing aids come with a four week no obligation trial, allowing you to get used to the device and the vast improvement it can make to your hearing. Each hearing aid purchased from McCreesh Hearing comes with a minimum three-year guarantee and complimentary lifetime aftercare and ongoing personalised support.

If you require any further advice, we are happy to help you. Please fill in our contact form or call McCreesh Hearing on 0781 069 7470.